Klomp Family, September 1999

Summer Visitors
Troy Grandma Over the summer we had several visitors. First Phil's brother, Troy, flew in from New Hampshire, where he works for IBM/Lotus. Troy and Phil played plenty of tennis with Michael DeVera, and Troy spent time with Annie and Shelby. Cindy's brother, Jerry, came for a few days while Troy was here, en route to Daytona to see a NASCAR race. Then Travis, our nephew from Colorado came for a few weeks. He stayed with several of the Minnesota relatives including us, and helped out quite a bit with Annie and Shelby while we were at doctor appointments for Grandpa Norman in Rochester. Finally Phil's Mom, Betty flew in from Michigan to spend a few days. She and her husband, Jerry, are recently retired, and promise to visit often. Shelby and Annie, of course, made sure to take Grandma on plenty of rides at the Mall of America.
Lots of Birthdays
One Year Three Years In the last half of the summer, we had several birthdays. Shelby celebrated turning one in July. She really likes cake. Annie turned three in early August, and finally Phil had his birthday in late August. It was rather challenging to get the whole family together, because Cindy and the girls were making visits to Rochester and the farm, but we managed to celebrate somewhere in each case.
Phil's New Job
Rainier After leaving Zamba (formerly Racotek) for Rainier in April, Phil finished up a project at Best Buy. The project was for their product repair service, and will be in used at stores next year. He then spent the bulk of the summer at Rainier studying for and taking Microsoft certification exams. He finally got certified as an MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer) in August. Within two weeks he started a new project at the University of Minnesota Veterinary Teaching Hospital. The project uses Visual Basic and SQL Server to implement a medical procedure ordering system.
Annie and Shelby
Bike Walk Both the girls made great strides this summer, and are looking and acting older. Annie always asks to talk on the phone whenever Mom or Dad is conversing with the relatives, and she is fairly easy to understand these days. Shelby, on the other hand, chatters quite a bit, but who knows what about. Annie learned to ride a two-wheeler (with training wheels) this summer at Sue and Jeff's house, and she can zoom all over the driveway now. Shelby finally took her first steps after standing for the longest time, and is now walking every chance she gets.
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