Klomp Family, September 2007

Joe's 7th Birthday Shelby's 9th Birthday Annette's 11th Birthday We celebrated all the kids' birthdays this summer. Joe turned seven. As you can see from his photo he loves to wear ties. What a goofy kid. Shelby turned nine and wanted chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream and chocolate sauce all over the top. She LOVES chocolate! Annette turned eleven and loves to describe herself as a 'tween' ... you know be-'TWEEN' being a kid and a teenager. WOW! They sure are growing up fast. (Reminder: you can click on any photo to see an enlargement.)
Summer Vacations
Wisconsin Dells Michigan We went on one long vacation this summer beginning with a stop at the Wilderness Resort in the Wisconsin Dells for a few days with Cindy's family - the Boots, the Koehnes and the Sieves. What a blast! We rented a huge resort cabin where we could all stay together. Click HERE to see some of our favorite photos from the adventure.

After our time with the Sieves we continued on to Michigan to spend a week with Phil's family. While there we went to the Dutch Village in Holland, to visit Leah's family in Ravenna, and to Muskegon to swim in Lake Michigan. Click HERE to see some more photos from our visit with the Klomps.
Summer Ball
Joe at Bat Shelby Annette Pitches We had another summer filled with evenings on the ball fields. The kids all played on Little Canada teams. Joe played Tball with his friends Riley and Nathan. By the end of the season he was ready to start hitting a pitched ball. He can't wait for next year. Shelby and a few friends played on a 3rd/4th grade coach-pitch softball team. They had a great season. Thanks to Mario & Kay for coaching the girls. Annette played slow pitch softball. She has developed into a pretty good pitcher. Phil was an assistant coach for the girls' teams. He helped out by pitching part time for Shelby's games and as a pitching, batting and base coach with Annette's team. He also tried to help out with Joe's team whenever he could. (Cindy just took lots of photos.)
More Summer Ball
Shelby's Softball Team Joe's Tball Team Annette's Softball Team Phil pitches for S's Softball Team
Starbase Space Camp
Air Museum STARBASE Space Camp Thanks to the generocity of Phil's employer, Target, the girls had the opportunity to visit the STARBASE Minnesota camp this summer. STARBASE is located at the the 133rd Airlift Wing of the MN Air National Guard Base in Saint Paul. It's an exciting science, math, technology and engineering program that allows students to think like scientists and engineers, experimenting and exploring the wonders of flight and space. It was a really cool experience for the girls. The goal of the week was to plan and execute (well, maybe a better word is 'simulate') an exploration mission to MARS! They got to build and fly rockets to learn about aerodynamics, use computer simulators to fly fighter planes, use software to design and build Mars rovers, and much more. They also got a tour the military aircraft at the air museum there at the National Guard Base. And they concluded the camp by taking the whole family on a guided tour of a BIG HUGE C-130 CARGO PLANE. WHAT FUN! Check out more info about STARBASE MN at the STARBASE website and read the Target STARBASE newsletter.
Vacation Bible School
VBS in church Cousins at VBS Again this August was consumed by the second annual Vacation Bible School at Saint John's. Cindy acted as co-director with Deb Sinna. We'd spent months planning and preparing for this wonderful week-long program, and had a fantastic team of people helping us out. It was truly a blessed adventure.

Click HERE to see a slideshow with our favorite photos from the week. You are also invited to read the official Saint John's VBS newsletter, the Vacation Bible School Times.

We can't wait to do it all again next year. If you would like more information about the program or to download registration forms, visit the Saint John's VBS website.
Summer Visitors
Grandpa & the Girls Grandpa & Joe Carson & Joe Devon & Shelby
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