Klomp Family, September 2005

Family Fun
Saints Baseball A View of the City We spent our summer doing the usual fun stuff we always seem to find around the Cities. We attended a St. Paul Saints game in Midway Stadium on a beautiful night in late July. And we ventured downtown to have lunch with Dad a few times. One especially nice day we stopped on our way home to take a hike across the historic Stone Arch Bridge and check out the lock and dam and the views of downtown Minneapolis. You can see the office tower in which Phil works directly below the lamp light in the photo on the right. (Remember you can click on any photo to see an enlarged image.)
Shelby is 7 Joe is 5 Annette is 9 Summer time means birthdays around our house. First Shelby turned 7 and celebrated with a day at our favorite ceramics shop with her friend Courtney. They painted the cutest little statues. Then Joe turned 5. We took a friend to the Eagle's Nest play area for a day out. Annette turned 9 a week later and she invited two of her friends over for a sleepover. There was lots of giggling and not much sleeping as you might imagine. A couple weeks later we celebrated Phil's birthday, but he didn't get to have a sleepover or a trip to the Eagle's Nest. He had to settle for a pan of brownies and a day with his beautiful family. Isn't he a lucky guy.
Emma & Elena Anna & Aja Courtney The rest of our summer was filled with swimming, swimming and more swimming. The girls took lessons with their good friends, Emma and Elena. On the right you'll see Shelby with her friend Courtney, and Annette with friends Annie and Aja.
Little Flowers
Annette Shelby Our Group In the fall Cindy got together with a couple of her friends, Julie Persoon and Jennifer DeVera, to start their own troop of the Little Flowers Catholic Girls Club for our daughters. We are very excited to help our daughters learn about the history, teachings and virtues of the Catholic faith. We'll study the bible, learn about our Catholic Saints and do service work to earn badges and medals. The girls are very excited to have the opportunity to spend time with these good friends whom they don't get to see much during the school year.
The Family
Back to School My men And now it's time to head back to school. Annette will be in 4th grade. She's excited to be in "Tormoen Town" with Ms. Tormoen and her innovative social simulation in the classroom. Shelby will have Mrs. Rowles as her 2nd grade teacher this year. And Joe will have Mrs. Cook and Mrs. Malone for his final year of preschool. Cindy is heading back to school this year too. She will again be the aide in Mrs. Thureson's kindergarten class at St. John's. She really enjoyed working with the kindergarteners last April and May so she's very excited to head back to the classroom this year.
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