Klomp Family, September 2002

Garbage Truck We couldn't resist including this photo. Joey really likes cars and trucks like most boys. And every Tuesday morning he looks forward to watching the garbage truck make its way through the neighborhood, stopping at each of the houses in the cul-de-sac. Some mornings he and Shelby even take their little lawn chairs out and make themselves comfortable for the show. Every other Tuesday they get a double header when the recycling truck also comes through.
Old School New School 2002 meant out with the old and in with the new at St. John's. In June they finished the new school building and moved everything to get ready for the next school year. Then about a month later the wrecking ball arrived and they demolished the old school building. We had to stop by one day and watch the action. Annie was a little sad to see her school torn down, but she and Shelby are both excited to start school in the fall in the new building.
Michigan Trip
Seth Joel Runs Klomps Our annual summer trip to visit the Klomps in Michigan was delayed until August this year so that we could arrive after the birth of our newest nephew, baby Seth who was born August 9th. The kids had a lot of fun with their cousins Joel and Nicole, Seth's big brother and sister. We also got to watch Joel compete in his first cross country meet of the season.
Michigan Party
Birthday Joel and Nicole Leah's Pool All the Klomp grandkids have summer birthdays - Joel turned 14, Nicole 10, Annie 6, Shelby 4, Joey 2 and Seth was born. We had one BIG birthday party for the kids at Leah and Mark's house. It was a beautiful sunny day so we even got to enjoy a dip in their backyard swimming pool.
Annie Fish Shelby Fish Grandpa Jerry took the girls on their first ever fishing expedition in a little pond behind his friend John Link's house. The fish were really biting and each girl caught several little sunfish. They were thrilled and very proud of themselves. If you look closely you can see Shelby's fish highlighted in her picture. While Shelby caught the bigger fish, Annie definitely won the award for the most fish, hauling in half a dozen in just 10 minutes. That's Phil ducking out of the way of her recoil.
Dan and Gail
Lina On the drive home from Michigan we stopped at Cindy's brother Dan's house near Chicago. Our girls always love playing with their cousins Aaron (age 8) and Aubrey (age 5). They got to jump on their trampoline and play on the swing set. We went out to dinner and had a nice chat, catching up on what's been going on over the summer.
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