Sieve Family Reunion 2001

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Family Reunion
In June 2001, the decendents of George and Julia Sieve gathered in St. Kilian, MN for a family reunion. Four generations were present ranging in age from our nearly 90 year old Great-uncle to the youngest great-grandchild who was just a few months old. Several families traveled hundreds of miles to join us and we were so happy to see each and every one of them.

We were very pleased that our Great-uncle Bill (Grandpa George's brother) and his wife our Great-aunt Millie (Grandma Julia's sister) were able to join us along with their daughter Mary and some of her children and grandchildren. And we were just as pleased that Great-uncle Clem (another of Grandpa George's brothers) and Great-aunt Gen were also able to make a brief appearance. Sadly, George and Julia's daughter Georgene and her family were unable to make the trip from Washington state to join us. We hope to see them at a future gathering.

Many thanks to all those that made this event possible including...
  • Thank you to Vonnie for planning the event and sending out the invitations
  • Thank you to Rose for taking many of the beautiful photos included below
  • Thank you to the ladies who worked in the kitchen
  • Thank you to Lucy and family for providing the pinata for the kids
And finally, thanks to everyone for coming. We hope to see all of you at a future gathering.
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Norman's Family
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Clarence's Family
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