Klomp Family, October 2008

Science Museum of Minnesota
LOOK OUT Joe! Oh Dad! We love the Dinosaurs In August we took a visit to the Science Museum of Minnesota. There were tons of great things to see. We liked seeing all the usual stuff like the dinosaurs and the weather exhibit. Joe still isn't too crazy about the mummy. They also had all kinds of new stuff. One of the scientists there vacuum-packed the kids in plastic bags. Shelby liked to play with the lights & color in one of the labs and the pendulums in another.

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Found it! News at 5 Star Wars Exhibit We saw the Star Wars Exhibit. Since we're big fans of the movie series it was really fun to see all of the authentic models, miniatures and costumes. Yoda is Joe's favorite character so it was so cool to see the real Yoda puppet. And he really enjoyed playing with the magnetic Lego hover crafts. Annette thought all the activities were fun but she especially liked building the robots. The girls took a turn broadcasting the news in the broadcast booth. And we even found our house in the giant map on the floor in the lobby.
The Cell Lab Joe the Scientist Annette Learns about Blood Annette's favorite part of the Science Museum is the Cell Lab. She loves to try all the experiments. She can't wait to go back to do more. Shelby wasn't too crazy about working with blood in the Cell Lab. Joe and Mom stained cheek cells and looked at them under the microscope.
Michigan in August
Kent's Boat Backyard Fun We returned to Michigan for another visit in late August. It was so nice to see the Klomps again. We spent lots of time playing in Grandma & Grandpa's backyard. And Phil's cousin Kent took us out in his boat on Fremont Lake.

Click HERE to more photos from our second Michigan trip this summer.

Check out the ride Grandpa's new feeder gave the little black squirrel in the photos below.
Grandpa's New Bird Feeders
Squirrel Discovers the Feeder Try It Out Oh No! Don't Let Go
Canadian Days Parade
The Cub Scouts Canadian Days Parade Joe has had so much fun with Cub Scouts this year. In August he got to walk with the scouts in the Canadian Days parade. They waved and handed out candy and flags. It was a long walk though. He was tired when they finished.
Labor Day
Labor Day with the Stropes Water Fun As summer drew to a close we had one last day in the sun on Labor Day with friends. We joined the Persoons at the Stropes' home on Lake Gervais. Doug and a neighbor took us out in their boats. The kids got to ride the giant hotdog & innertubes and swim. Tish & Doug made us a great meal. What a great way to end summer!
Back to School
Back to School 1st Day of School And then it was time to head back to school. Annette is in 7th grade, Shelby is in 5th and Joe is in 2nd. All the fun school activities make life really busy for us. And then there is the homework -- YUCK!!! But the kids all enjoy school and are doing really well.
Grandparents' Day
Annette Plays the Drums Annette Cantors for Mass Shelby Sings with the Choir Annette & her friends cantored for the Grandparents' Day mass at school. There were lots of parents, grandparents & family friends in pews that day. After mass the choirs performed in the gathering space for all the guests. Annette accompanied the Middle School Choir on the trap set. And Shelby sang with the Elementary Choir. They both really enjoy music so events like this are really fun for them.
Kids in Class
Annette in 7th Grade Joe in 2nd Grade Shelby in 5th Grade
Marathon for Non-Public Education
Shelby with Friends Annette plays Volleyball Joe on the Trail Every fall the kids raise money for their school by participating in the Marathon for Non-Public Education. Thank you to everyone who pledged for the kids. It really helps with many of the activities the kids do throughout the year like Art Adventure, the computer lab, art supplies, the Christmas program and fieldtrips. After the kids walked for more than a mile to a local park they got to enjoy some fun time hanging out, played volleyball and had a snack.
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