Klomp Family, October 2004

Summer Activities
Gibbs Farm School Swimming Lessons A at CYC The kids all took swimming lessons this summer. Annie did a great job learning to swim on her front and her back, and even swimming under water. She can't wait to do it again. The other two kids weren't quite as excited about swimming, but by the end of the lessons Shelby was putting her ears in the water and Joey put his face in once or twice. Annie did lots of other fun stuff over the summer. She spent a day at school in a circa 1900 classroom at the Gibbs Farm Museum with some friends from Girl Scouts. And she spent four days at the Catholic Youth Camp in northern Minnesota with her friend Abby Persoon. Shelby and Annie had a lot of fun walking in the Canadian Days parade with their Girl Scout troops.
P's Class Reunion Pickin' Pickles Klomp Cousins In July we headed to Michigan to see the Klomps and attend Phil's 25th high school class reunion. They had a nice turnout and he got to see many friends he hadn't seen in 20 years or more. While we were there we got to celebrate all the summer birthdays with Grandma and Grandpa. We also watched the National Baby Food Festival parade in Fremont and made a visit to Grandpa's pickle fields. Even though the weather was a little cool, we did manage to swim in Leah's pool a couple of times and spent lots of time with the Klomp cousins. The girls went with Grandma and Grandpa to the Muskegon County Fair to watch their cousins compete in the 4H steer judging. No grand champions this year, but they did really well with both their steers and their sheep. As always it was a very sad day when we had to pack our bags and head back to Minnesota.
Family Outings
Saints Game Foshay Tower Our family got to do some really fun things over the summer. We went to a St Paul Saints baseball game one evening and to a Twins baseball game with Sue's family a few weeks later. The girls thought it was neat to see how the big guys play baseball. We spent a day in downtown Minneapolis highlighted by lunch with Dad and a trip to the top of the Foshay Tower. It is one of a few remaining open air skyscraper observation decks in the world. Joey liked seeing the airplanes all lined up coming in to land at the MSP International Airport. Shelby thought the domes on the convention center were really beautiful. And Annie thought it was neat to see the tower that Dad works in a few blocks away. We looked off to the east and could see downtown St Paul, but couldn't quite see our house.
Summer Adventures
State Fair Bus Childrens Museum Cindy and the kids did some more really fun things this summer. We spent an afternoon at Paint Your Plate creating ceramic masterpieces. We visited the Children's Museum in St. Paul where we saw the Alice in Wonderland and Clifford exhibits and played in the kids favorite rooms. Joey and Shelby liked dressing up like their favorite characters T-bone and Cleo from the PBS kids show and playing in the Clifford exhibit. Annie always likes the Ant exhibit and crawling through the tunnels. And all the kids like the Water Works exhibit. We ate lunch in the roof-top garden and did some crafts in their art room. Cindy took the kids to the State Fair for the first time this summer right before school started. The kids enjoyed seeing the horses and the brand new baby piglets. We stopped by the exhibition hall where their friends Emma and Elena had award winning artwork on display. They weren't too crazy about all the walking though. We rode on a great big city bus to get there and back. On the way home we sat in the middle where it bends which was a HUGE thrill for the kids.
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