Klomp Family, October 2000

Friends at the Park
Shelby and Elena at the Park Annie, Emma, and Emily at the Park As summer came to an end, Annie and Shelby got in some play time at our local parks. Their favorite friends, Emma and Elena live nearby, and they all get along quite well. I'm sure it will be challenging to keep them occupied as the weather turns colder and they can't do as much outside. Another friend, Emily, from Cindy's Mom's Club is also Annie's age, and they get to play together sometimes too.
Trip to the Farm
Grandpa's Cows Picking Carrots We packed up the van with the kids and the dog, and headed down to Cindy's Dad's farm for a long weekend. They all got to run around outside, and play with the cousins that live close. Annie liked looking at Grandpa's cows, and the carrots were ready to harvest from the garden.
Nursery School
First Day of School New Backpack Annie is attending Sunshine Nursery School again this year. Last year she went two afternoons per week, but this year she is going three mornings per week. Phil took her there and stayed for the first day. She was the youngest in the class last year, but fits right in the middle now. This year she got a new Scooby Doo backpack to carry her stuff in. They do lots of art projects.
Troy visits
Annie's Rope Swing Troy on the Rope Phil's brother Troy came out for a visit from New Hampshire. The weather was not the best while he was here, but he got to spend some time with the girls on our playset and rope swing in the backyard. Annie and Shelby both told him to push them 'higher' on the rope and swings. Phil and he also took Annie and Shelby to Camp Snoopy one day, and bumper bowling another. Even with the little 6-lb ball, Shelby could barely push it all the way to the pins.
Neighborhood fun
Neighbor's Birthday Shelby on the Playset One of Annie's neighborhood friends, Connell, had a birthday, and her parents invited all the kids on the street to a cake party on their front drive. There are quite a few kids at the end of our street within a year or two of Annie and Shelby. It's good for Shelby to have slightly older kids to keep up with.
Joey Update
Big Boy Kids together Joey is getting much bigger these days. At his two month checkup, he was nearly 13 lbs. He is a fairly good sleeper at night, but stays awake a lot during the day, which makes it challenging for Cindy to get things done. He likes his bouncy seat, but someone needs to keep it moving or he gets impatient. His sisters just love to kiss and hug him all the time, perhaps a little too much.
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