Klomp Family, November 1999

Cindy's Dad's Surgery
Norman After completing chemotherapy and radiation treatments over the last couple of months, Cindy's Dad, Norman Sieve, underwent a surgical biopsy at the Mayo Clinic to find out if any of the throat cancer remained. Many of the family members and their kids came to Rochester, and spent long hours awaiting the results. The news was excellent! No cancer was found, and within a day or so he was up and around, and ready to go home to the farm. He is armed with antibiotics to ward off any infections that may come up, and is optimistic that his tracheal tube can be removed in a few weeks.
Sunshine Nursery School
School Annie has been attending Sunshine Nursery School this fall. She has three teachers, and packs her backpack to go on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for a couple of hours. She has been doing lots of arts and crafts, including using scissors and glue, and playing in the gym on the monkey bars. Recently the whole class went to a play at the Children's Theatre. It was about a mouse named Lilly whose friend swallows a watermelon seed and worries that it will grow in his tummy. Annie loves to tell the story to anyone who will listen.
Our New House has a Basement
Basement After completing the plans with the architect, and making lots of choices and estimates, the builder finally broke ground on our new home. The foundation and basement walls are complete, and the lot has been backfilled and graded so that we can get a feeling for the look of the yard. We are told that the framers will start the second week of November. It should really start taking shape now.
Halloween Fun
Cheerleader Handout For Halloween, the kids didn't go door-to-door, but attended several parties. Annie's nursery school had a pajama party in the classroom, and Cindy's MOMS club had a party for the kids. Shelby dressed up in the Michigan State University cheerleader outfit, and Annie wore her bunny ears. On Halloween night, Annie got to hand out treats to the kids when they came to the door. She was a bit intimidated at first, but eventually got into the swing of it. After a burst of kids would leave, she kept asking us when more kids were going to come to the door. As soon as she got involved in something else, the doorbell would ring again.
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