Klomp Family, November 2007

Back to School
First Day of School Annette & her bells Fall means it's time to head back to school. The kids were all excited as the school year began. Annette has moved downstairs to the middle school (grade 6). It means big changes ... lots of new teachers, big projects, a locker ... She still enjoys music so she is excited to get back to band where she's begun to learn to play the trap set (that'll be the next thing we'll need to get). She looks forward to singing with the middle school choir this year, and she continues to cantor for school masses with her friends. Over the summer she and her friends even cantored for Sunday masses a couple of times. She's a natural.
Shelby plays the flute Shelby is a big fourth grader this year. She has Ms. Tormoen for her teacher ... the funnest teacher in school we are told. She loves earning those T-bucks (the class currency) although she hasn't spent any yet. She's also taken up the flute. She doesn't like practicing too much yet, but she does like showing mom the notes she knows. She can now play some songs that really sound like songs so it's getting to be more fun for her. The beginner band is really small this year -- only two flutes and a sax. Their first band concert will be in December. We can't wait.
Joe Joins Scouts
Cub Scout Joe Scout Joe with Dad Joe is very excited about first grade. He's especially glad to see his friends again. His favorite subjects are still gym and recess. He's become a pretty good little reader and looks forward to reading to his new teacher, Mrs. Loots. This fall he and Phil joined the Cub Scouts ... he's a Tiger Cub. He thinks it's GREAT! Finally something that HE gets to do himself instead of following his sisters around to their events & activities. One of his first Scout jobs was to sell Holiday Wreaths so he and Phil headed out through the neighborhood knocking on doors. He's already earned a couple of badges and beads.
Shelby Volleyball
Shelby Huddle Up Shelby's Volleyball Team Shelby played volleyball on a grade 3 & 4 team with her Little Canada friends. Phil coached her team with help from a couple of moms on the team, Laura & Beth. They have had a fantastic year. Each girl has improved immensely. Shelby has evolved into an awesome little server which was exciting to see. At the beginning of the season she couldn't even get the ball to the net on the serve. Her team finished the season undefeated, winning the league championship and finishing on top in the post season tournament. She was most excited about the awesome trophies and medal she received.
Annette Volleyball
Annette Annette, Aja & Annie Annette's Volleyball Team Annette played volleyball for Saint John's this fall. Every single girl in her 6th grade class decided to play volleyball this year so they formed two teams. About a third of her team had never played volleyball prior to this season but the team performed very well. They were really fun to watch. Annette is a terrific server. She's very consistent with her underhand serve and has begun perfecting an overhand serve. Now that the season is over she's really looking forward to next year.
Priory Neighborhood Preserve
Priory Nature Preserve The Woods Behind our House The Priory Neighborhood Preserve is a 40+ acre open space managed by the city of Maplewood located right outside our back door. For the past few years we've enjoyed hiking and exploring back there. This summer the city cut some rustic trails & added simple bridges through the oak savanna, prairie meadow and wetland areas making it a lot easier to explore back there.

Click HERE to see some of our favorite photos taken in the preserve.
Halloween 2007
The kids Annette & Annie Joe & David Shelby & Courtney
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