Klomp Family, November 2006

School Begins
1st Day of School Annette Shelby Joe Here are the kids on the first day of school, September 2006. Annette couldn't wait to start 5th grade. She's entering the world of multiple teachers and will have to venture downstairs to the middle school for a couple of classes each day. Shelby is excited about 3rd grade. She is modeling her new gym clothes in her photo. And Joe is all ready for kindergarten. He even got a new hairdo this year. He likes to put gel in it to make it stick up.
New Teachers
A & Mrs Pieper Mrs. Yzaguirre & S J & Mrs Thureson New teachers all-around again this year. Mrs Pieper, the 5th grade homeroom teacher, has a rep for being strict. Annette is looking forward to having her though. She recently found out that they share a love for music. Shelby has Mrs Yzaguirre for third grade. We wonder how long it will take her to learn to spell that name. Joe has been waiting for kindergarten FOREVER! He's so happy to finally be there and to have Mrs. Thureson as his teacher. Of course his first complaint was that there isn't nearly enough play time and recess, and he doesn't like resting time very much. He's got a great class of just 13 kids.
Annette Plays Volleyball
Annette's Team Annette's Ready Annette played volleyball at Saint John's this fall. Since there isn't a 5th grade league in the Catholic Athletic Association, they played in the 6th grade league. Fourteen girls from her 5th grade class played on the team, and they did VERY well. After going undefeated in the regular season, they made it to the quarter finals of the end-of-season tournament, ultimately losing to an undefeated 6th grade team. Way to go Eagles! Big thanks to Coach Angeli and Coach Prax for all the time you put in to make it such a fun and successful season for the girls.
Shelby Plays Volleyball
Shelby's Team Shelby's Ready Shelby tried volleyball for the first time this year, playing on a Little Canada Rec team. For more than half of her team this was their first time on a volleyball court. They started off not knowing much but they really improved by the end of the season thanks to the guidance of coach Neva and Coach Sally. Phil even helped out as an assistant coach. Her team came in 2nd in their end-of-season tournament. She is so proud of her trophy.
And Then There Is Joe
Joe & CARS Joe Likes Ball Joe & Friends Joe really enjoyed the movie CARS when we saw it this summer. Since then he has begun collecting all kinds of CARS toys. He has nearly all the cars in his collection. Joe liked Tball last summer and can't wait for another season to begin. He also has a collection of stuffed friends that he likes to play with which includes his Tony Stewart bear, Jerry (of Tom & Jerry fame), Marvin the monkey and Curious George. They all love to go for rides in his Spiderman car.
Good Friends at Recess
Joe Shelby Annette
Our Back Yard
Kids in the Leaves Annette Glides Kids in the Leaves Joe Climbs
Remembering Dad
Norman 1932 - 2006 Norman's Family In August Cindy's Dad, Norman Sieve, was diagnosed with pneumonia, and when he couldn't get rid of it after several weeks, they sent him to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. There they found cancer in his lungs and bones. The family spent a couple of weeks steeling ourselves for a long hard battle to give him as much quality time as we could, but ultimately the pneumonia was too much for him. He went peacefully in his sleep early on October 14th, 2006. It was rather unexpected, but his six kids were all there with him for the last 48 hours and spent lots of time reminiscing, laughing, crying and praying. Click HERE to see a slideshow with photos of Dad from the past couple of years.

We all spent several days together at the farm. It was truly nice to have so much time with our brothers and sisters and their families. Click HERE to see a slideshow of our photos taken while we were all gathered around the farm place.
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