Klomp Family, November 2003

School Starts Cate Bob Visit With fall came the start of school. Annie was happily off to second grade and another year in Mrs. Burgoyne's multi-age classroom. Shelby began kindergarten and loves her new teacher Mrs. Jorissen. Joey started preschool with his teachers Mrs. Cook and Mrs. Ross. He would rather be home with Mom, but Mom is really enjoying the two mornings a week when she is child-free. In October Aunt Cate and Uncle Bob came up for a visit. We always love having guests and on a perfect autumn day we all went out in the woods for a hike.
Gymnastics Nemo Joe has been going to a preschool gymnastics class for a year now. His favorite part is jumping on the trampoline and the tumble-track. Joe is also a big Nemo fan. He saw the movie with his sisters and grandparents in Michigan and has been talking about it ever since. He had his sisters (with a little help from Mom and Dad) draw pictures of all the movie's characters so he could play with them. He also loves cars and trucks. He spends most of his time playing with his NASCAR race cars, his Tonka Town trucks, or his Speedeez cars. Tony Stewart is his favorite NASCAR driver, although Dad is trying to convince him that he should cheer for Casey Mears in the Target car. Mom is partial to Ken Schrader and the Schwan's race team. His aunts and uncles are all weighing in with their favorites too ... Cate and Jer both root for Dale Jr., the Boots family is partial to #24, and Uncle Bob is a Kenseth fan.
Music Class
Annie & Shelby with Ms Liz The Recital The girls have been taking music classes at the Childrens Yamaha Music School. They are learning to sing and play the piano. Twice a year they have a recital where they get to show off what they are learning. Each of the girls got to play a piano solo and then their class sang a musical number. They were both a little nervous, but since this is their third recital they handled it like pros and did a terrific job.
Costumes Jack o Lanturn Gool Chris The kids had a lot of fun with Halloween this year. Annie and Shelby both dressed as princesses, while Joey chose to dress as his favorite cartoon character, Scooby Doo. Even Phil got into the spirit this year. Check out the bulls-eye painted around his left eye ... just like the Target dog. The kids all had parties at school and went trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. Phil and Annie carved a wonderful pumpkin for us. Many of our neighbors really get into the spirit. Chris, from across the street, dressed up and surprised unsuspecting trick-or-treaters when they came to his door.
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