Klomp Family, November 2002

School Starts
Grade 1 PreSchool ECFE And before we knew it, it was time to head back to school. Annie started first grade in Mrs. Burgoyne's multi-age class. It's a class made up of both first and second graders. She works on reading and math with the first graders in the class but most everything else they do with the second graders. It's working out well for her. Shelby is in Mrs. Cook's preschool class three days a week. Her other teacher is Mrs. Parker and she has a lot of fun with the new friends she's made there. Joey goes to an ECFE class one day a week with Cindy. Unlike last year, he hardly notices when she leaves the room for an hour to have "adult time" with the other moms. He really likes school and asks to go nearly every day we drive Shelby to preschool.
Apple Annie Shelby and Joey We took a nice trip to Grandpa Norman's farm this fall. The apples were ripening on the trees and the kids enjoyed getting to help pick some so that Cindy could make apple crisp. As is usually the case in fall in southwest MN it was a little muddy and Mac took advantage. He loves the mud puddles and gets himself all messed up. And as always there were the trips out to the barns and sheds looking for the little kittens. They even talked aunt Cate into going out "kitten herding" with them.
Mud Dog Cate
Clowns Snowman Our little family of clowns ventured out on halloween night to scare up some candy. This year Annie added a pink tummy, some ears, and a fluffy tail to her costume turning herself into a "rabbit clown" -- her own idea. And Shelby wore her new fire fighter hat so she could be a "firefighter clown". I don't think Joe understood why we were dressing him up, but he liked the candy. We had our first snow of the season just after halloween and the girls took advantage of it making this cute little snowman.
Kids Annie Shelby Joey The kids enjoying our backyard.
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