Klomp Family, May 2008

Welcome Luke
Bob & Luke Cate & Luke Lucas Edman Koehne Lucas Edman Koehne arrived Thursday, April 3rd at about 10 pm. He weighed 9 pounds 1 ounce, was 22 inches long and looked just like Bob. He arrived with lots of dark hair and chubby cheeks. The nurses even gave him a little part in his hair before they brought him in and gave him to Bob for the first time. They looked just like twins. But his hair has a mind of its own and has been sticking up ever since.

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Everyone Loves Baby Luke
Cindy & Luke Jer & Luke Annette & Shelby Love Baby Luke
Cub Scout Camp
Joe at Scout Camp Soccer Awards Joe's Bunk House This spring Joe & Dad spent a weekend at the Kiwanis Scout Camp. They slept in the bunk house and spent lots of time doing outdoor activities. Joe earned Cub Scout belt loops for chess, soccer, basketball, BB gun, astronomy and ultimate frisbee. He had a great time and can't wait to go back again next year.
Spring Band & Choir Concert
Shelby Plays with the Band Shelby Sings with the Choir The Elementary Choir Shelby played her flute with the Beginner Band in the Spring Concert. She also sang with the Elementary Choir.
Spring Band & Choir Concert
Annette & the Advanced Band Annette Plays the Trap Set The Middle School Choir Annette sang with the Middle School Choir at the Spring Concert and played both the bells and the trap set with the Advanced Band.
Server Party Awards Breakfast Talent Show Annette was a mass server again this year. This spring Saint John's threw the servers a fun "Survivor"-themed party. Annette performed in the Spring Talent Show again this year. She sang the song "Tatoo" with her friend Annie. She also played the trap set with the Advanced Band and she played her solo piece on the bells. In April she received a superior rating on the solo piece in the Solo & Ensemble Contest at Hill Murray. And she received an award at the Academic Awards Breakfast.
Rain Gutter Regatta
Joe Blows His Boat to Victory Joe & His Boat Joe & Dad built a wooden boat for the Cub Scout Rain Gutter Regatta. After cleaning up the park at the end of year Cub Scout picnic all the boys raced their sail boat down the rain gutters. Using only his breath Joe's boat took first place in his den. Joe is getting quite a collection of ribbons, medals & patches.
Kazoo Choir Shelby Practicing Her Flute Shelby sang with the elementary choir at lots of events this spring. They sang during the Men's Club pancake breakfast, at the Spring Home & School meeting and at the spring Talent Show. She continues to play her flute, although she doesn't really like to practice much. She's getting much better. She now plays loud enough that you can actually hear her. And the high notes are getting a little easier.
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