Klomp Family, May 2002

Last of the Snow
Dad Snow Joe Snow We saw our last snow of the winter in late March, and Phil and the kids made the most of it, piling all the snow from the driveway on one side and creating a couple of nice little hills to play on. They weren't as big as earlier in the winter but the kids had fun none-the-less. Joe even got into the act as King of the Hill until his sisters took over.
March Madness
MSU bball Dad Hoops Basketball is another spring tradition at our house. The kids watched the NCAA tournament with Dad cheering for Michigan State. Phil even got out to play on his new hoop as soon as the weather permitted.
Spring at Home
Annie Hair 1 Annie Hair 2 Ride Dad The kids love playing with ... and ON ... Dad. The extra 100+ pounds makes for a good workout. Also this spring Annie got a real hair cut. She got six inches cut off the back. She was very excited that she got to keep the pony tail that was cut off.
Last Days of School
Annie Grad Shelby Grad And as summer approached, the school year came to an end. Annie loved her kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Thureson. Shelby had to say goodbye to Sunshine Nursery School and her two favorite teachers, Mrs. Youngstrom and Mrs. Gregory.
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