Klomp Family, May 2001

Nursery School Transition
Annie Graduation Shelby Artwork After attending Sunshine Nursery School for two years Annie graduated in May. She just loved her teachers and friends there. She will miss them very much but she's ready to move on. In the fall she will start Kindergarten at St. John's Catholic School in Little Canada. The torch is now passed to Shelby who will start her first year at Sunshine in the fall. She will go two days a week. She is really looking forward to school. She wants to be a big girl like her sister.
Joey Gets Bigger
Smiley Boy Spaghetti Joey is getting quite big now and is into everything. He crawls around a lot and stands up next to furniture. He is eating all sorts of big kid foods, and some, like spaghetti, are more fun than others. He has the most pleasant personality and is a very happy child. He's a real ham for the camera. We can usually always catch a smile from him.
Colorado Trip
Graduation Guests Mountain Background Cindy and Joey made the trip to our nephew Justin's high school graduation in Colorado. It was quite a celebration since we weren't sure he was going to make it (just kidding Justin). Grandpa Norman, Cate and Bob, and Sue and Carson also made the trip. Crested Butte is such a beautiful place. For most of us it was the first time back there in many years and we had a great time. Phil and the girls stayed at home. Grandma Betty flew in from Michigan to help out and stuck around long enough to see Joey and Cindy on their return.
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