Klomp Family, March 2008

Catholic Schools Week at Saint John's
Annette Cantors Open House Men's Club Pancake Breakfast The last week in January is traditionally Catholic Schools Week. This year Annette and friends were the cantors at the school mass on Sunday and all the kids joined in singing a song after communion. The Men's Club put on a pancake breakfast after all the Sunday masses. Shelby and the elementary school choir added a little entertainment during the breakfast.

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Saint John's Open House
Annette's Science Fair Project Joe's Penguin Project Shelby's Artwork Saint John's school has an Open House during Catholic Schools Week. We got to visit each of the kids' classrooms, chat with their teachers and check out some of the projects they've been working on. This year Annette got to participate in the middle school science fair. Her project on stalagtites and stalagmites earned her the 1st place blue ribbon. She had a lot of fun making a time-lapse movie of the 'tites & 'mites growing.
Learning to Sew
Annette's baby blanket Shelby makes a baby blanket Joe learns to sew When we found out that Cate & Bob were expecting a baby in the spring we decided each of the kids would make them a flannel baby blanket. While Annette had sewn before, it was Joe and Shelby's first time at the sewing machine. Knowing what big NASCAR fans Cate & Bob are, Joe decided to make them a Tony Stewart blanket. Tony is Joe's favorite driver. Shelby's blanket had school buses on it because Cate's a teacher. And Annette had fire trucks on her blanket because Bob is a volunteer fire fighter.
Cate's Baby Shower
Joe & Cate Annette & Cate Shelby & Cate On a really cold day in March we had a baby shower for Cate & Bob. Lots of friends & relatives braved the weather to join us. The girls had fun helping to plan, prepare the games and decorate the party room at the Community Center in Wilmont. Each of the kids gave Cate the blankets they'd made. It was fun to see Cate's growing tummy. And then poor Bob had to figure out how to put together all the baby equipment; the stroller, the high chair, the swing. Good luck!
Annette on the High Wire Annette at Wolf Ridge Annette took a trip to northern Minnesota for a three day retreat with the middle school. They got to try all kinds of fun outdoor activities like cross-country skiing, basic survival skills, orienteering, rock climbing, and an outdoor obstacle course where she walked on a wire WAY up in the air. She said she preferred downhill skiing to cross-country and can't wait to get out on the hills with Dad again this year.
Shelby Giggling Shelby's Hiding Shelby does not like to have her picture taken. She tends to run away or hide whenever she sees Mom coming with the camera. Occasionally, Mom captures her smiling face even when she tries to avoid it.
Joe & the Pinewood Derby
Joe & the Cheese Car Tiger Cub Joe Joe Won 1st Place Joe was a Tiger Cub Scout this year. He had a lot of fun working with Dad and the boys in his den to earn badges, beads, patches and belt loops. One of the highlights was building and racing his Pinewood Derby car. Being a HUGE fan of Tom & Jerry he decided to build a cheese car complete with miniature Jerry as driver. He and Phil drew, cut, sanded, painted, weighed and lubed to get it just right. All their hard work paid off when after four runs down the track he took 1st place for his den and 9th place for the pack. GREAT JOB Joe!
Target Dad
Dad's Target Loot Dad brings home lots of fun Target stuff from work. We have a nice collection of stuffed Bullseye dogs, notepads, bags and baskets. The girls were especially excited about the Barbie doll sized shopping cart and mini shopping basket he brought home a couple months ago. This spring Phil visited each of the kids' classrooms to present a donation from his employer Target for the kids' school. He caught Annette's class in art class working with paper-Mache. Check out the kids gooey hands.
Donations to Classrooms
Dad Visits Joe's Class Dad Visits Shelby's Class Dad Visits Annette's Class
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