Klomp Family, March 2005

Our Girl Scouts
Annette's Girl Scout Troop Annette's Pinewood Derby Car Shelby's Girl Scout Troop The girls are still Brownie Girl Scouts. Cindy was co-leader of Annette's troop again this year, and tried to help out with Shelby's troop whenever possible. We had lots of fun earning badges, bowling, skating and selling cookies. Annette's troop made gift boxes for the new Mary House Shelter so that each child who arrives at the home will receive a little welcome package. Her troop also participated in their first Pinewood Derby. Annette and Phil worked together to build a beautiful car, although not an extremely fast one.
Family Fun
Ice Skating Annette's Basketball Team Annette's Trophy Snow wasn't very plentiful this winter, but there was plenty of cold ... good for making ice. We ventured across the street to our neighbor's little pond to try ice skating again. The girls had lots of fun on their skates. Joe just skated on his boots. Annette tried a couple of new sports this year. In the fall she played volleyball with some friends from St. John's. Their team did quite well for having quite a few new players. Then in the winter she tried her hand at basketball. Again she had a very young team but they also had a couple extremely good players and ended up winning their league's championship and taking home some wonderful trophies. Phil enjoyed helping coach both the volleyball and the basketball teams.
Around the House
Hanging Out with Cate Reading Watch MSU in the Tourney Spring arrived and once again Michigan State University was playing in the NCAA basketball tournament. We like to gather around the TV to watch them play. Alas they didn't win the championship again this year, but it was a good tournament. Our girls have become good little readers and really enjoy reading all kinds of books. They even like to read to their little brother, which helps out Mom and Dad a lot. Annette has become completely enthralled in the Harry Potter series. Shelby is starting to read chapter books, but says she doesn't really have a favorite book yet. In March we took another trip down to Grandpa Norman's farm for a little visit. We got to hang out with Grandpa, Cate, Jer and Sue's family for a few days. And we left Mac there at "camp" because we would soon be leaving on our spring break vacation.
Our Spring Break Trip
We're on our Way Visting Gma & Gpa For Spring Break 2005 we took a wonderful family vacation to Florida. We stayed for a few days with Grandpa and Grandma Klomp at the home they rent in Englewood on Florida's Gulf Coast, and we drove up and spent several days at Disney World. Phil's brother Troy and his fiancee Jill and her daughter Ryleigh came down from New Hampshire to meet us. We had a wonderful time in the warm Florida weather with the Klomp family. Again we took many, many photos of our vacation. Click HERE to see a slideshow of our Disney World adventure. Click HERE to see a slideshow of what we did down on the Gulf Coast with Grandma and Grandpa Klomp the rest of the week.
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