Klomp Family, March 2002

Pilgrim Mac Annie is really enjoying her first year of real school -- kindergarten -- at St. John's. She is learning to use computers, to speak Spanish, and loves going to the library once a week. She has learned to read several words and loves to practice by reading Dr. Suess' "Hop on Pop". Her class has put on a couple of cute little musical programs. For her Thanksgiving program she wore a little Pilgrim's bonnet.
Dressup Kitten At home she enjoys playing dress-up with her sister and loves going outside in the snow. She doesn't think we have had nearly enough this winter. She has lost two teeth so far, and recently learned to tie her shoes. She loves going to Grandpa Norman's farm where there are kittens to play with, and she is anxiously awaiting our annual summer trip to Michigan to visit Grandma and Grandpa Klomp. She wants everyone to know she misses them very much.
Half Birthday Medal Shelby is also enjoying her first year at Sunshine Nursery School where she attends twice a week. She recently learned about the Olympics and brought home an Olympic gold medal after competing in the Sunshine Relay Race. She celebrated her half birthday at school. Annie had that day off of school so she and Cindy could attend Shelby's party and help out in the classroom. Shelby is getting much better at writing her name. She no longer wants any help.
Stocking Swim Shelby took swimming lessons with Phil, while Annie was in a class for older kids. She doesn't like to put her face in the water but she loves jumping in and having Phil catch her. At home she loves to play with her Little People and doll house and enjoys the few mornings each week that she and Joey can play together while Annie is in school. Then she is the top dog.
Smile Kiss Joey is growing up so fast. He is a great little guy who loves to smile for the camera. He also goes to school one day a week, attending an ECFE class with Cindy, but he does not like it when she leaves the room for her 45 minute parenting session. At home Joey likes to play with his balls and cars, especially his PT Cruisers. He loves to wear his little backpack and is rarely seen without one of the Little People in his hand.
Sitting Pockets Cindy recently gave him his first haircut which was a real challenge. Next time we're going to the barber shop. He is always discovering new things like the pockets in his jeans and places that only he can sit. He started talking at about 18 months. His first words were "apple" and "Bob", and his first sentence was "I don't want it!".
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