Klomp Family, June 2004

Another Celebration
Grandpa Joins Us A's Godparents Our Family While Annie had her first "First Communion" with her Dad back on Easter, she got to celebrate a couple more times with her classmates, family and friends. First she was joined by seven other second graders from the parish for a special weekend mass. We had a great time when Grandpa Norman, her godparents Sue and Jeff and their family, and Aunt Cate, Uncle Bob and cousin Justin all joined us for the special weekend. Annie's best friend Emma DeVera and her family helped us celebrate too. It's great to have such a house full of guests.
Family Fun
The Cousins The Sieves The kids The DeVeras
School Mass
Annie's Class Mrs B A's Banner A few weeks later we celebrated yet again, this time with her St. John's classmates at a special school mass. What a great looking bunch of kids. Mrs. Burgoyne and Mrs. Rowles did a great job of preparing the kids. The first grade families hosted a nice little breakfast for the second grade families after the mass. Many thanks to Father Fitz, Father George, Jean Conant-Winter and principal Mrs. Rowan for making these sacramental celebrations such a special time for Annie and all the other second graders.
Read at Mass S in Class Kindergarten Quilt Shelby had her day in the spotlight too when she read during a school mass that was planned by her kindergarten class. She did a terrific job. She has been having so much fun in school this year. Her favorite time during the school day is choice time. She and her friends like to dress up and act out stories Mrs. Jorissen has read to the class. She also loves Thursday mornings when Mom comes into the classroom to help. One especially fun project that Cindy helped with was a portrait quilt. Each child drew a self portrait and Cindy pulled them all together to make a wonderful keepsake quilt.
The Kids
Birdhouses Happy Kids Joe's Name Joe's Cars Joey really loves his cars, especially his collection of NASCAR race cars. He also has a collection of Speedeez and every Tonka Town vehicle ever made we think. He is learning to write his name. Can you read it in the photo above? The kids all took a field trip with Phil to the local Home Depot one Saturday afternoon and came home with birdhouses and flower boxes. We've got some real little handymen here. Maybe they can train Mom and Dad.
It's a Jungle Out There
The Cast The Cheetahs Annie & Erica In May Annie's multi-age class and Mrs. Rowles second grade class joined forces to put on a wonderful musical production called "It's a Jungle Out There." The kids dressed up as jungle animals and sang and danced their little hearts out. Cindy helped with the set and some of the costumes. Annie played a cheetah and delivered her one line flawlessly every time. "Hey dudes, we're havin' a party!" Her friend Erica had the lead role of King Leo and did a wonderful job.
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