Klomp Family, June 2001

Batting Practice Teammates Team Photo Annie decided to try playing teeball this summer. She was barely old enough for the league in Little Canada. Mrs. Beasy was the coach and Phil got to be an assistant coach. No scores were kept in the game and plenty of time was spent showing the kids how to do everything from throwing and fielding to hitting and running the bases. It was a fun time for all, and Annie's best friend Emma played too. At season end they all got a trophy.
Sisters Jumping Girl This year Shelby began attending the same gymnastics academy as her sister. The first couple of sessions she wasn't sure about going out on the floor without Mom, but now she is really excited about it. She especially likes jumping on the trampolines. Joey goes along "to watch" and keeps mom on her toes. Some days it's really hard to keep him entertained for two hours while the girls have their lessons.
Annie and Emma
Bike Riders Tea Party Suckers Annie and Emma are best friends and like to play together whenever they can. This summer besides teeball and gymnastics they spent some time riding their bikes in the circle at the end of our street, having tea parties in our basement and just plain hanging out together.
Shelby and Elena
Tigger Bikes Strollers Snack Time Shelby's best friend is Emma's little sister Elena. These two hung out together whenever possible. They explored the world of bicycles on their matching 'Tigger' bikes and liked to play with their doll babies.
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