Klomp Family, July 2006

Easter Egg Hunt At the Farm April Showers Spring showers arrived in Maplewood, but that didn't slow the kids down at all. They love to play outside under their umbrellas. We traveled to southwest MN to spend Easter with the Sieves. The kids had lots of fun playing with their cousins at the farm. And we went in to the park in Wilmont for the annual Easter Egg Hunt.
Olympics Day at School
Team Ireland Team Australia Another spring tradition is Olympics Day at school. All the kids in the school are divided into teams and under the leadership of their 8th grade team captains compete in a series of ten sporting events, each team representing a different country from around the world. This year Annette was on team Ireland and Shelby competed for team Australia. Each of the teams won a few ribbons and all the kids had a lot of fun. The day concludes with the kids enjoying a treat while watching the annual 8th grade versus 7th grade kickball game.
Joe's Preschool Graduation
Joe Graduates Joe & Mrs Cook Joe with Mom & Dad In June we celebrated Joe's graduation from Saint John's Preschool. He has really enjoyed school and will miss his teachers, Mrs. Cook and Mrs. Malone. He is looking forward to kindergarten next year, but first we are going to enjoy a wonderful summer.
Shelby's 2nd Grade Play
Waiting in the Wings Shelby's second grade class put on a wonderful musical play entitled 'Once Upon A Lily Pad'. There were snakes and turtles, cranes & crocks, frogs and ... Shelby & four friends dressed as beautiful little fireflies. She got to dance around the stage and she delivered her line flawlessly. Thank you to Mrs. Rowles, Mrs. Burgoyne and Mrs. Castro for all your hard work and extra hours. It was an adventure the kids will never forget. They all did a GREAT job!
Once Upon A Lily Pad
5 Little Lightening Bugs Lightening Bugs Dance The Cast
Mother's Day
Annette & Mom Shelby & Mom Joe & Mom Mom was blessed with wonderful Mother's Day gifts from each of her kids this year.
Dad's Day & Birthdays
Father's Day Birthday Outing In June we treated Dad to a special Father's Day. And then came all our summer birthdays. The kids all wanted to create their own special one-of-a-kind stuffed animals this year. Shelby stuffed a unicorn and dressed it in a fancy dress. Joe picked a dalmation and put it in coveralls and a red hat. And Annette dressed her kitten up in a basketball uniform.
Good Friends
Annie & Annette Connor, Joe & Riley Courtney & Shelby
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