Klomp Family, July 2005

Our little swimmers A favorite activity for our kids this summer was swimming. They all took lessons at the community center and made great progress in their swimming abilities. Joe and Shelby both got over their fear of getting their face wet. Shelby loves swimming on her back and Joe likes blowing bubbles under water. Annette enjoys diving for things at the bottom of the deep pool. They also all took a liking to the giant water slide and couldn't wait for Dad to come along and have some fun with them. Now we can't wait to get back to the Wisconsin Dells.
Taking Lessons
Annette Shelby Joe
The Farm
Kittens Feeding Time Feeding Time We took another trip to Grandpa Norman's farm. We got there just in time to meet the many new spring arrivals. Of course there was a load of new kittens to play with. The kids and their cousins spent hours holding and naming as many as they could catch. And Uncle Jerry had a dozen new calves in the barn that needed to be bottle fed. Annette couldn't wait to help with the chores morning and night. She didn't mind getting her hands dirty at all. Shelby and Joe weren't so sure about it though. It took a lot of talking to coax Shelby into the barn for this one shot with the calves. Just take a look at her face. (Remember you can click on any photo on the page to get a larger image displayed.)
Batter Up Team Coaches Annette finished out the school year in fine shape. She is a good student and we're very proud of her. She also enjoyed her year as a Brownie Girl Scout with Cindy as one of her co-leaders. She played softball again this summer with a Little Canada 3rd and 4th grade team. A couple of her best friends were on the team with her, Emma and Annie. She had a wonderful coach this year who saw to it that all the girls learned a little and had a lot of fun. Phil enjoyed helping out as an assistant coach every week.
Batter Up Courtney Shelby also had a good year in school. She too is a good student and we're very proud of her. She had fun as a Brownie Girl Scout this year, and continues with her music lessons. We were very proud of her when she gathered the nerve to get up and play her solo at the spring music recital. She does NOT like to perform so this was a big deal for her. Shelby played T-ball again this year. She was so happy that her friend Courtney was on the same team. Coach Mike had his hands full with some of the younger players on the team. He did a terrific job trying to keep all the kids in the game. Phil was an assistant coach for Shelby's team too. He was on the ball field four nights every week for a couple months over the summer. Just wait until Joe is playing next summer.
Losing Teeth Super Heroes Joe is growing up. He is really getting tall, and this spring he started losing his front teeth. He loves super heroes. He has dozens of action figures which he plays with non-stop. While he likes the usuals like Superman and Spiderman, his very favorite is Martian Manhunter. (Who is Martian Manhunter anyway???) He also loves to watch Tom and Jerry, Scooby Doo and Gilligan's Island. Lately he's also taken an interest in dinosaurs and Thomas trains. And of course he loves adding to his Hot Wheels collection any time he can.
Mowing Grandma & Grandpa Birthdays In July we took a wonderful trip to Michigan to visit the Klomps. Grandpa and Grandma were so happy to spend some time with the grandkids. The kids had fun helping Grandpa mow the lawn and checking out the pickle fields. And of course they put Grandpa to working making their favorite treat FUDGE. We celebrated early birthdays for all the kids. Thanks for all the great gifts! And we'd like to thanks Chuy & Janie for inviting us to another great BBQ at their house. They always feed us so well. The girls enjoyed playing volleyball with Chuy's kids.
Summer Fun
Gang in the Pool Seth & Joe While we were in Michigan the weather was beautiful and we spent a few days lounging around Leah's pool and enjoying her beautiful new sunroom. All the kids' swimming lessons paid off as they were much braver in the pool and had a lot of fun. Joel and Nicole showed us their diving skills by diving through an innertube. We were there shortly before the county fair so we got to see Nicole and Joel getting their steer and sheep ready to show. Seth and Joe had a wonderful time together playing with all of Seth's toys.
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