Klomp Family, July 2004

Joey Preschool Shelby's Talent Annie's Talent Joey had a lot of fun in preschool this year. He really liked his teachers Mrs Ross and Mrs Cook. His favorite part was story time on the ABC rug. He let us know he always sat on the letter "U". He wanted to sit on "J" but there were too many other "J" kids in the class. In May both Annie and Shelby performed in the school talent show. Annie played "London Bridge" on the piano, and Shelby sang a little song with her class.
Brownie Girl Scout
Our Brownie Girl Scout The GS Ring Try-it Project Annie became a Brownie Girl Scout this year. She had a lot of fun doing the projects, earning the badges and going on the field trips. Her troop went to the Shrine Circus, bowling, and to The Gibbs Farm Museum, along with earning several Try-it badges. Cindy is a co-leader for her troop and helped plan many of the Try-it projects they did during the year. Annie especially liked selling cookies and can't wait to do it again next year. Keep her in mind next January when it's time to take cookie orders.
Daisy Girl Scout
Our Daisy Girl Scout Shelby's Troop The Bridging Ceremony Shelby started her first year of scouting as a Daisy Girl Scout. Her troop earned daisy petals by learning about the Girl Scout Promise and Law. At the end of the year her troop bridged from a Daisy troop to a Brownie troop. Next year they will start earning Try-its and she'll get to sell cookies just like Annie. This summer both girls walked in the Little Canada Canadian Days parade with their troops to promote scouting.
Kindergarten Graduation
The Class Shelby Graduates Mrs Jorissen In June Shelby graduated from Kindergarten. Her teacher Mrs Jorissen made it a very special day. Each child got to wear a cap with a tassel and was presented with a wonderful portfolio of their work. Ms Tormoen, teacher of their third grade buddies, put together an unbelievable video collage of photos spanning their year. It was a wonderful year and Mrs Jorissen is a wonderful teacher. Now Shelby is looking forward to first grade.
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