Klomp Family, July 2003

Visiting with the Sieves
Cousins at Easter Walker's Weekend Drive-in movie We traveled to Grandpa Norman's farm for Easter. Dan's family came over from Illinois and Sue's from Winona. The cousins had a wonderful time together coloring Easter eggs with help from Aunt Cate. A couple of weekends later we made the trip to Sue's to help Walker celebrate his First Communion. Jeff built a bonfire and the kids toasted marshmallows and played kickball until it was too dark to see the ball. We made another trip to Grandpa Norman's farm in May. We decided to give the kids a little treat and set up a "Drive-in Movie Theater" on Grandpa's front lawn. They thought it was great sitting in their car seats, covered with blankets, snacking on popcorn and watching an old movie.
Playing at Home
Zak and Wheezy No Training Wheels The kids love playing in our backyard, especially on the ball swing hung from the big old oak tree right behind our house. They think it's GREAT when two of them ride together on the swing. We call it "Zak and Wheezie", named for the two-headed dragon on one of their favorite PBS Kids TV shows, Dragon Tales. One of Annie's big moments came this spring when she let Dad take the training wheels off her bike. She tried riding without training wheels for the first time riding on the lawn at Aunt Sue's house and decided that it's "easy". Now she's zipping all over the place. We're hoping she'll build up some leg strength soon and be ready to head out on some long rides with Mom or Dad.
Visiting Michigan
Gma's pool Birthdays Leah's Pool In June we ventured east to Michigan for our annual summer visit with the Klomps. The weather was beautiful and the kids spent time in the little pool at Grandma and Grandpa's house, and in the big pool at Aunt Leah's. They enjoyed seeing their cousins, Joel, Nicole and baby Seth. We also celebrated our summer birthdays a little early with them.
The Kids
Annie Shelby Joey
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