Klomp Family, July 2002

Devera Kids Gannon Kids The spring and summer months mean lots of outings with friends. We exchanged Christmas gifts a little late with the DeVera girls this year - Emma and Elena. We went to the Como Zoo with the Gannon's - Erica, Nick and Riley. We had the Sindt's over for a playdate - Brenna and Corrine. And we took the Wood boys to bring-a-friend day at gymnastics - Chase and Cooper.
Sindt Kids Chase Gym Cooper Gym
Grandma Visits
Grandma In May Grandma came for a visit and we did all the usual fun things with her like a trip to Camp Snoopy at the Mall of America, visits to the girls' schools, and lots of playing at home, both inside and out. Her visits are always too short and the kids were very sad to see her go, but they were really looking forward to visiting her and Grandpa and the rest of the Klomps in Michigan this summer.
At the Farm
Family With Grandpa Hug Woody We took a trip to Grandpa Norman's farm over the 4th of July and spent the week playing with our aunts, uncles and cousins. Joey liked Uncle Jer's dog Woody. Of course no trip to the farm would be complete without many trips down to the barn to pet the multitude of kittens, which numbered in the forties at last count.
Summer at Home
Pool Fence Joey Fence Back at home the kids spent the summer enjoying the pools we set up in the backyard - a small one for Joey and a little bigger one for the girls. Cindy spent a little time this summer preparing new planting beds around our yard and planting hundreds of native Minnesota wildflowers as part of a neighborhood project done in conjunction with the MN DNR. Phil and the kids got into the act when it came time to haul two dump trucks full of woodchips around the yard.
Tball Friends Tball Team Annie played Teeball again in Little Canada this year. It was great fun for her because she got to play with her best friends Emma and Chase and many of her other school friends. While Annie was busy playing, Shelby and Joey ran around the sidelines with Cooper and Elena. Phil helped coach the team again this year.
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