Klomp Family, July 2001

Michigan Visit
Dutch Village Cousins Over the 4th of July week the whole family drove out to Michigan to see Phil's parents, brother Troy, and sister Leah and her family. The kids got to play with their cousins, Joel and Nicole, a lot. We even played tourist one day, visiting the Dutch Village in Holland (Michigan, that is).
Water Fun
Leah's Pool Lake Michigan Also while in Michigan, we got to swim at Leah's pool a couple of times. Joey was a bit scared of the water at first, but Shelby was very brave, asking Grandpa to catch her when she jumped in. Annie loved the water and we had a hard time getting her to come out. We also went to see Lake Michigan, but the water was too cold for swimming.
Chicago Visit
Cousins Play at Dan's On the return trip from Michigan, we stopped overnight to stay with Cindy's brother Dan outside Chicago. They recently moved into a new house, so there were still a few boxes here and there but it didn't stop the kids from having a great time playing with their other cousins, Aaron and Aubrey. They have lots of toys to play with in their basement and a beautiful backyard.
Kittens Annie Shelby Joey On return from our Michigan trip Cindy and the kids drove down to Grandpa Norman's farm to pick up Mac from "summer camp". They had sixteen (yes, 16) brand new kittens that were the hit of the visit. If anyone would like to adopt a kitten we know where you can get one really cheap. A couple weeks later Cindy and the kids stopped at uncle Joe and aunt Rose's farm, in Northfield where the kids saw a horse, lots of sheep and even a couple of llamas.
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