Klomp Family, January 2009

Miracle on Bethlehem Street
Ready for the Show Let's Sing The annual Christmas program at Saint John's was Miracle on Bethlehem Street. All the kids had fun performing. It was another terrific program directed by Mrs. Castro.

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Joe Stands Out Joe Sings Flock Watchers Joe & his class dressed as shepherds in the program. They were "flock watchers" and sang about the angels visiting.
In costume Shelby Dances Shelby's Solo Shelby & her class sang and danced with top hats & canes. She also sang two more songs with the Elementary Choir. She and her friend Courtney had a little duet in one of the songs.
In costume Annette Sings Annette pitched in during the pre-program segment of the program playing sleigh bells and drums to help out some of the performers. She and friend Aja lead the Middle School Choir in singing Receive the King. It's a beautiful song. She also played her bells while other kids played the hand bells & trumpets, adding an especially joyous sound.
Decorating the Tree
Making Cookies Kid Ornaments Kid Tree The kids decorated their own little Christmas tree in the family room again this year. And they had lots of making sugar cookies. Annette and mom did most of the cutting. Shelby LOVED the frosting. And Joe liked the sprinkles the best -- he didn't know when to stop. Alas, mom and dad did most of the eating.
The Kids Get Ready for Christmas
Tree Trimmers Shelby Decorates Joe picks an Ornament Annette by the tree
Gar Lockrem Community Choir
Gar Lockrem Choir Cindy Sings This fall Cindy joined the Gar Lockrem Community Choir. Months of rehearsals cumminated in two wonderful concerts in early December. The music was beautiful. She also continues to sing with Saint John's Church Choir. Annette joined the church choir this fall after the volleyball season ended.
Winter Band & Choir Concert
Annette Choir Annette Band Shelby Band Shelby played in the Intermediate Band in the Winter Band & Choir Concert. Annette played in the Advanced Band and sang with the Middle School Choir. She also added her skills on the bells when the choir reprised their outstanding Christmas Program number "Receive the King". And she played the trap set with a couple of the choir's other peppy Christmas numbers.
Merry Christmas
Our Tree Family Photo We celebrated another wonderful Christmas. For the first time we celebrated the holiday at home in our own house rather than traveling to visit the Sieves or the Klomps. This was especially nice because it allowed Mom & Annette to sing at midnight mass on Christmas Eve with the Saint John's Choir. Annette even sang a solo verse on "Who is this King?" which was really fun.
Christmas 2008
Christmas Hats Kid Photo Hugs By our big tree
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