Klomp Family, January 2008

Thanksgiving at the Farm
Sieve Cousins A Little Art Project The Boys Hanging Out This fall we spent Thanksgiving in southwest Minnesota with the Sieves. It's really a full house when we are all there in the old farm house, but the cousins had a great time hanging out together.

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Decorating the Tree
The Kid Tree Merry Christmas The kids had fun decorating their own little Christmas tree in the family room again this year. They have collected tons of ornaments over the years and they like to sort through them to find just the best to put on the tree. It's fun to remember where they got each ornament. Annette loves the tiny little snowmen. Joe has Tony Stewart & Batman ornaments. Shelby likes the ones that mom painted years ago.
The Kids' Tree
Annette Adds an Ornament Joe's Hiding Shelby Trims the Tree
Saint John's Christmas Program
Annette Sings with Ellie Nuttin for Christmas WISH FM Radio Christmas Program Annette and friend Ellie sang a duet for the pre-program before the main event at Saint John's School annual Christmas Program. They were the hit of the show singing "Nuttin for Christmas". They put on a little attitude and really hammed it up.
The Kids are Ready to Go
Joe & Friends Annette Gets Ready Shelby Hanging Out This year's program was the "The Miraculous Christmas Wish Radio Show". Each class dressed in a different colored shirt so when everyone was up front singing it looked like a giant rainbow. What a beautiful sight.
Singing on the Radio
Joe Sings Dancing Trees Shelby & Annette Sing
The Kids' Classes
Annette's 6th Grade Class Shelby's 4th Grade Class Joe's 1st Grade Class
Smiling Faces
Annette, Annie & Ellie Shelby's Gingerbread House Joe Delivers a Wreath Annette with her friends at school enjoying some free time on the last day before Christmas break. Shelby made a gingerbread house with her class at school. Joe sold holiday wreaths for the Cub Scouts. He even took one all the way to Michigan for Grandma & Grandpa.
Christmas in Michigan
Kids in Front of the Tree Our Family We traveled to Michigan to spend Christmas with Grandma & Grandpa this year. We had a really nice trip. The weather cooperated for all the driving. Grandma made a wonderful Christmas dinner. Leah and her family came over to spend Christmas Eve with us. We had a little snow while we were there and Joe liked riding in the tractor with Grandpa when he plowed the driveway. Annette built the cutest little snowman on the front porch. Shelby just liked to stay inside with Grandma where it was WARM.
Thank You Grandpa & Grandma
Grandma & Grandpa Joe Gets Tom & Jerry Shelby's New Doll Annette's Kitty Cat
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