Klomp Family, January 2007

Thanksgiving with the Sieves
Grown-ups at play Grown-ups at work We spent Thanksgiving weekend at the Sieve farm with Cindy's family. As has become our tradition, we enjoyed our Thanksgiving feast at the Saint Kilian church hall. The kids played basketball and games in the gym while the adults hung out in the kitchen cooking the fantastic meal. We later settled in with a few decks of cards and some great conversation.
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Sieve cousins Kids at play Adrian Wrestling In the photo of the Sieve cousins the kids are lined up according to their age. We have Tyler, Mitch, Walker, Dallas, Aaron, Annette, Tony, Devon, Shelby, Aubrey, Carson and Joe. Only the oldest two cousins, Monica's boys Justin and Travis from Colorado, are missing. We also took in a wrestling tournament down in Adrian where Cindy's brother Curt's younger sons were competing. It was fun to see the boys wrestle and to have a chance to talk to some old friends and neighbors from the area.
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At the farm In the pasture The weather was beautiful the whole weekend and so some of us took a walk around the farm and down to the pasture. It was fun to walk around and tell the younger generation about how life was when their parents, aunts and uncles were growing up around the old farm place. (Reminder: you can click on any of the photos to see an enlarged image.)
December visit from Grandma and Grandpa
Christmas Kids Kids with Gma & Gpa The Family Grandma and Grandpa Klomp came to our house to visit the first part of December. We had a wonderful week with them. We did a little Christmas shopping, watched a few movies, visited the kids' school and just enjoyed each others' company. Grandpa & Grandma got to see the kids' school Christmas program. And before they left we celebrated an early Christmas with them.
Kids' Christmas Program
Annette Shelby Joe Kids' Program This year's Christmas program at Saint John's was 'The Legend of the Christmas Kings'. Everyone was a KING -- crowns and stoles all around. Cindy helped this year by typing up the program. Before the show Annette joined in the pre-program event by playing a piano duet of 'Silent Night' with her music teacher Mrs. Castro. We were very proud of her, especially since she hasn't taken piano lessons in two years and she taught herself how to play the piece totally on her own.
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Annette's Piano Duet Shelby Sings Joe Sings Annette Sings
Christmas at the Sieve Farm
Sieve Cousins Having Fun We ventured back to southwest Minnesota for a few days over Christmas. Thankfully the weather cooperated for another fine trip. Along with our traditional visit to Saint Kilian Church for Christmas Eve mass we got together with many of Cindy's siblings and their families for fun and a Christmas meal at the Saint Kilian hall. The cousins always have such a wonderful time playing together. The aunts and uncles even tried to keep up shooting hoops and playing twister. We're skipping those photos though.
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