Klomp Family, January 2006

Music Class
Ensemble With Teacher The girls continue with their music lessons at the Children's Yamaha Music School. Krystal is their new teacher for JMC 6. They performed in a recital in early December. Annette played "Joy to the World" for her solo piece, and Shelby played "An Elephant". They both performed beautifully in their ensemble piece with their entire class. Shelby is at the far left in the photo and that is Annette hiding behind and to the right of Nic.
Klomps Visit
The family the kids Jerry & Betty In early December Phil's folks traveled from Michigan to celebrate an early Christmas with us. They timed it just right so that they could see both the girls' music recital and their school program. We feel so blessed that their health has improved and they were able to make the trip. We had such a nice time with them here.
A Country Christmas
Mrs Rowles Miss Tormoen St John's Christmas program for 2005 was titled "Christmas in the Country". Annette played a piano solo "Joy to the World" and sang "Jingle Bells" with three friends as part of the pre-program entertainment. The whole school dressed up in vests, bandanas and cowboy hats and had a wonderful time singing and dancing -- square dancing. Mrs Castro, the music teacher, did a tremendous job putting the show together this year. Even Cindy got into the act performing "Thank God I'm a Workin' Here" with the teachers (She's on the far right in red and black in the photo below).
The Big Show
Annette Sings Shelby Performs Cindy Sings
Joe Performs Too
Preschool Program Sunday School Program Joe also had the opportunity to perform in a couple of programs during December. His preschool class, under the direction of Mrs Cook and Mrs Malone, performed a few little songs and did some finger plays for a crowd of proud parents. After the performance each of the kids (and their siblings) got a chance to visit with Santa. Joe was a little scared but he was able to tell Santa he wanted a "Human Torch buildable guy from the Fantastic Four". We'll see if Santa can figure out what THAT is. Joe also performed with his Sunday School class in a short program after mass one Sunday. They sang several little songs and were completely adorable.
Christmas 2005
Kids Visit Santa Annette Crochets Shelby Reads to Josefina Annette Loves to Build
Christmas 2005
Christmas Train Joe's Doodle Monster Penguins All Around Counting down the days
Sieve Christmas
Norm & kids Norm's Grandkids We traveled to southwest Minnesota to spend the Christmas weekend with the Sieves.

Click HERE to read the text of the Christmas letter that we sent out for Cindy's family December, 2005 and see photos of her siblings and their families.

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Thanks for the Gifts
Annette's Rollercoaster Shelby's Josefina Joe's Human Torch Christmas was very good to the Klomp children this year. We all got something we wanted very much. Annette got to satisfy her love of building with a HUGE set of K'nex with which she built this towering rollercoaster. Shelby got her favorite American Girl Josefina, along with lots of clothes for her. And Santa was able to find that Human Torch fellow that Joe had asked for, along with lots of other fun stuff. Cindy got the necklace she'd always wanted, and Phil got new software for the PC (YEE HAW!). We all feel truly blessed that so many of you remembered us and were so generous with your gifts and well wishes. Thank you so very much and best wishes in the new year.
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