Klomp Family, January 2002

Gymnastics Guests
Grandpa at Gymnastics Grandma at Gymnastics Phil's parents came in early December for a visit, and it worked out just right since the girls each got to bring a grownup guest to their gymnastics classes. Shelby chose Grandma, and Annie chose Grandpa. Watching Grandma on the trampoline was lots of fun, and when Grandpa tried to swing on the bar, his arms were so long that he just sat on the floor.
Early Christmas at our House
Kids little tree Xmas with Klomps While Grandma and Grandpa were here, we had an early Christmas with them. They got to see the little Christmas tree that Annie and Shelby decorated themselves, and we exchanged gifts a couple days before they left. They babysat for us a couple of times, and we heard it took both of them to change Joey's diaper. Why didn't we have a video camera running to capture that?
Christmas Events at Schools
Pancake Breakfast Chase Grandpa and Grandma also attended the girls' Christmas programs. The girls both sang in their Sunday School program. Shelby's school had its annual open house and pancake breakfast, where some guy called "The Pancake Man" makes pancakes by the dozens with his big machine, then tosses them out through the crowd for his assistant or others to catch. At Annie's school Christmas program the kindergarteners joined the first graders in a couple of musical numbers. One was about their missing teeth, which was appropriate for Annie since she'd just lost her first tooth a month before. Annie's class, including her good friend, Chase, looked adorable in the Santa hats they wore for their performances.
Christmas at the Farm
Sieve Family St Kilian Church We spent Christmas at the farm again this year, where we saw Cindy's Dad, her siblings, and lots of cousins. We're sorry that the Hennings could not make it this time. The kids also had fun looking at the beautiful church decorations in Saint Kilian, especially the hundred year old nativity scene. The girls loved looking at baby Jesus, and every time we pointed to the cow, Joey said "moo".
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