Klomp Family, February 2003

At Home
Christmas at Home The Family Piano When we got back from our holiday vacation to Michigan we had a chance to celebrate a few more times here in Minnesota. The kids were very excited to get back and see what was waiting for them under our trees ... yes, two trees ... one in the family room that the kids decorated, and one in the front room that Cindy decorated. And those trees stayed up long into January as we continued celebrating with friends and family. We got an electric piano for Christmas. Cindy has been having fun refreshing her memory and learning to play a few new tunes. She can now play a couple of songs from her favorite musical "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat". In February Cindy and the girls started taking a music course at the Children's Yamaha Music School in Roseville. It's going to be a really fun course where we'll learn about singing and playing the keyboard.
DeVera Kids Roesler Kids Over the holidays we had a chance to get together with some friends. We enjoyed our visit with Emma and Elena. Thanks for the great gifts. And we had the Roeslers over for dinner one night. Annie and Shelby loved sitting at their little table with Sarah and Sophia.
The Sieves Visit
Cousins Sieve Clan In mid-January several of Cindy's siblings and their families came up to our house for a visit. Sue, Jeff and kids came from Winona. Jer, Cate and Bob came from Wilmont. We had a late Christmas celebration since we hadn't had a chance to get down to southwest MN to celebrate with them yet. It was great having the house so full. And the cousins loved playing with all the new toys.
The Kids
Dominoes Care Bear RC Rally Teddy Bears The kids are having lots of fun with all their Christmas gifts. Annie just loves to play the new Dominoes game Grandma and Grandpa Klomp gave us. She even taught her friend Chase how to play when he came over for a visit. Shelby loves her new Care Bear. She sleeps with it every night and she has watched the movie that came with it countless times. Joey likes his new remote control car. It has a simple setting so that he can drive it all by himself ... that is when he can get it away from Annie. She likes it too. Joey also likes to play with Teddy Bears, but as you can see, not just one bear. No, lots of bears.
Visit to the Farm
Jerry with Mo Snow In mid-February we went down to Wilmont to visit Cindy's Dad and siblings. Her brother Jerry has a new puppy named Mo. He is adorable. Annie loved playing with him. Wouldn't you know the first real snow storm of the season hit on our drive back. We got home without too much trouble. The next day Phil and Cindy had all ten inches of snow from the driveway piled up on one side ... READY FOR PLAY. It's been a little too cold to enjoy it recently but hopefully that will change in the coming days. Phil has already started tunneling through the big snow mountain he built out of all the snow from the driveway.
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