Klomp Family, February 2001

Snow Castle
Snow maze Snow arch We have had a very snowy winter so far, but we're not complaining. It has provided many hours of fun for the whole family. Phil cut a maze into the snowbank along the driveway for the girls to play in. As the snow continued to pile up it evolved into a series of dead ends, caves and tunnels and even a neat little arch near the street for the girls to walk through to get to the mailbox. Annie calls it her 'snow castle'.
Fun Outside
Sliding Snow Fort Even with all the snow the swingset in the backyard is still a favorite place to play. The girls love making snow angels and they even helped Phil build a big old snowman in the backyard. Cindy did a little building of her own this year. In the front yard she built a snow fort using her handy-dandy ice cream buckets to form the building blocks.
Sledding Hill Sledding Sledding has also become a favorite pastime this winter. There is a nice little hill across the street, which ends up out on a frozen pond. The whole family has gotten into the act, even Joey a couple of times. Sometimes we even hook our two sleds together and go down as a big train. Annie likes to ride in what she calls the 'trailer'.
Joey's Progress
Feeding Joey Messy boy Joey is really growing these days. He went in for his 6 month check up and weighed over 18 pounds. He's rolling around like crazy, but only to his right. He got his first two bottom teeth at 3 1/2 months and now his two top teeth are just popping through. He has also started eating cereal. The girls insist on feeding him which makes for some really interesting meals. Mom usually has to finish up.
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