Klomp Family, December 2008

Fall 2008
Raking Leaves Fall Raking The Kids Fall in our backyard is beautiful. The kids helped rake leaves one day. They think the best part is making a big pile at the bottom of the slide or under the ball swing so they can jump into them.

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The Girls Sing
Shelby & Annette Sing Girls Cantoring Mass This fall Shelby joined Annette and a couple of other girls as a cantor for one of the school masses. Both girls like to sing so it has been a wonderful experience for them to be able to get up and lead the singing. Shelby was a little nervous but she did a great job and can't wait to do it again.
The Kids
Annette age 12 Shelby age 10 Joe age 8
Mom & Dad
Mom Dad
Luke & Cate Visit
Cate & Luke Luke at 7 months Cate and Luke drove up to visit us a couple of times this fall. Cate was taking "teacher training" in Minneapolis so we got to take care of Luke while she was in class. The kids thought it was great. They helped with everything from bottles to diapers to feeding him "mush". At six months old he was a lot of fun for the kids to play with.
Taking Care of Luke
Joe Feeds Luke Shelby Helps with Luke Annette & Luke
Joe Plays Soccer & Basketball
Joe's Basketball Camp Shirt Joe at Soccer Joe took part in an eight week soccer clinic this fall. His coach for the clinic was a player for the professional soccer team the Minnesota Thunder. He had a lot of fun and learned a little too. He followed that up with an eight week basketball clinic where he learned about dribbling, shooting and defense. After the clinic he's decided he'd like to play basketball on a Little Canada team this winter.
Annette Plays Volleyball
Annette Serves it up Annette's Volleyball Team Annette played volleyball on a 7th grade team at Saint John's this year. She had a lot of fun. She's a very consistent server, her favorite part of the game. Her team won as many games as they lost, but the ones they lost were always close. We look forward to watching her again next year. Now she thinks she wants to play basketball this winter -- busy times.
Shelby Plays Volleyball
Shelby Serves Getting Ready to Play Shelby's Team Shelby played volleyball on Saint John's 5th grade team this year. She liked playing with all her friends. Her favorite part was when the game was over and they'd won. And they won a lot! They only lost one game during the regular season. They got knocked out in the first round of the playoffs playing a really tough 6th grade team. We were really proud of them none the less.
Joe's Bird Feeder
Grandpa & Joe Building Grandpa & Joe with the Bird Feeder Girls Help Paint While Grandpa & Grandma were here for a visit this fall Grandpa helped Joe with a scout project. Joe learned about tools and carpentry and then Grandpa helped him build a bird feeder. The girls help Joe paint it. They painted it the same colors as our house so the birds in our neighborhood would feel right at home.
New Basketball Hoop
Putting it Together Shooting Around Grandpa bought us a new backboard for our backyard basketball hoop. The old one broke when a big wind blew through last year. It took a couple of trips to the store, some ingenuity and Grandpa's skills with a drill, but he, Phil & Annette got the thing put together. Now they can enjoy shooting hoops out on the patio any time they want - well, until the snow flies anyway.
Backyard Basketball
The Guys Dad's Layup Joe Dunks It
Trick-or-Treat Jack-o-laterns Happy Halloween. This year Shelby chose to dress as a flower child. She was adorable. Joe had a sports theme this year dressing as a soccer player for a friend's party, a basketball player at school and a lacrosse player for trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. Annette decided to be a witch again this year - a scary witch in fact.
Happy Thanksgiving One Big Table We spent Thanksgiving at Cate & Bob's new home. Sue's family came from Winona, Dan's family from Chicago and Curt's family from Adrian. Their house is big enough to set up a table where we could all sit down to a meal together. The kids had great fun playing video games in the dining room and camping out on the living room floor. Luke was still the highlight of the trip. The kids just can't get enough of him.

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