Klomp Family, December 2000

Three clowns Chris as the Reaper Our first Halloween at the new house was fun. Annie, Shelby, and even Cindy dressed up as clowns. Cindy put together the outfits with her sewing machine and her stash of fabric. Shelby was not quite sure she wanted the face paint though. The neighborhood kids went around to the houses in a big group, and our neighbor, Chris, put on his dry-wall stilts and went as the grim reaper.
Independent Voters
I voted Ready for snow Election day was an effort for Cindy with the three kids, and also because it rained. But she waited until the lines were fairly short, and they all helped to fill out her ballot. The big attraction was the stickers, and Annie made sure everybody got one. With that behind us, the kids are ready to play in the snow. Cindy organized their coats, boots, mittens, etc near the front door so they can go in and out conveniently.
Thanksgiving at the Farm
Cousins Norm and Joey For Thanksgiving we packed up the kids and dog and headed to Cindy's Dad's farm again this year. There are lots of kids to play with. It's just too bad the house isn't a bit bigger. When all the cousins are there, even for a few hours, it's pretty wild. Even Joey is getting into it. He enjoys sitting on Grandpa's lap and watching the action.
Joey's baptism Cake with Jer While we were there with the majority of the relatives, we decided to have Joey baptised. He was a real trooper. No crying at all when they poured water over his head. Cindy's brother, Jerry, was godparent along with Phil's sister, Leah, but she could not attend. After the ceremony, the family went back to the farm for cake to celebrate. Too bad he's not old enough to eat any yet.
Joey's progress
Saucer boy Rolling boy Joey is really getting bigger and is able to do a lot more. He likes to stand in his exercise saucer and look around, especially at his older sisters when they are playing. He is also getting better at reaching out and holding toys. We just have to make sure it's not Annie's hair that he grabs onto. There have already been a couple of times when we had to help her get loose. Joey also really wants to roll over, and has done so by accident a couple of times, but nothing regular yet. We are sure it won't be much longer.
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