Klomp Family, August 2008

Summer Fun
Swimming with Friends Joe & Nate We had a great summer. We went to the Shoreview Community Center a couple of times with friends. The kids like to swim there. In July we took some special friends there for a birthday celebration for all the kids.

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July Michigan Trip
Our Family at the Lake Playing in the Mud We drove to Michigan to visit the Klomps for the 4th of July. Troy, Jill, Marissa & Ryleigh came for a visit that week too. The kids loved seeing both their New Hampshire cousins and their Michigan cousins. We spent time at Link's pond picnicing & fishing. The kids climbed trees in grandpa's yard & played in the mud in Joel's corn field. Grandpa & Dad spent lots of time golfing, and even took Annette out a couple of times with them.

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Lane Family Reunion
First Cousins Family Reunion In July we spent a weekend in Iowa visiting with our Lane Cousins. Families came from several nearby states and even as far away as Wyoming and Maine to be with us.

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And coming in 2009 ... Cindy hopes to scan many of the old photos we shared at the reunion to share with all of you. We really can't wait for the next reunion.
Happy Birthday Kids
Happy Birthday Shelby Happy Birthday Joe Happy Birthday Annette We had another summer full of birthdays. We had cakes and gifts and play dates with friends at the swimming pool. All Annette wanted was books so we gave her a real pile of them. It only took her about four months to read them all. Dad got the best gift of all though -- a Wii! We've had loads of fun with it all year.
Birthday Celebrations
Shelby's Birthday Joe's Birthday Annette's Birthday
Vacation Bible School
Sonic VBS In July we all helped with the third annual Vacation Bible School week at Saint John's. Cindy spent months helping plan the summer children's program. She did lots of organizing, fundraising, recruiting, shopping, training, and decorating. This year's science theme proved to be loads of fun as we added science experiments to the usual music, games, crafts, skits and snacks. Annette joined friends on the God Squad volunteering her talents singing. Shelby & Joe got to enjoy all the adventures in their crews.

Click HERE to see photos from Vacation Bible School at Saint John's.

Redecorating the Kids' Rooms
Annette's Room Shelby's Room Joe's Room We spent a little time this summer redecorating the kids' bedrooms. Each of the kids has their own room now. The girls had a lot of fun filling their new shelves with all their trinkets, stuffed animals and books. They were thrilled to get to hang up all their posters. Joe is excited because he has BOTH the top bunk and the bottom bunk. He uses the bottom bunk for his "reading cave" now and sleeps up on top.
Kid's New Bedrooms
Annette's Room Shelby's Room Joe's Room
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