Klomp Family, August 2004

Shelby Plays T-ball
Friends The Team Shelby tried T-ball for the first time this summer. As she puts it she is "not really into sports" but she had a lot of fun. Shelby liked playing pitcher and catcher because she got to handle the ball more at those positions. Her friend Maddie Anderson and a few other St. John's kids were on the team. She had great coaches who made it a really fun experience for the kids' first time out on the field. Phil enjoyed helping out when the coaches needed him.
Annie's Summer Activities
Friends The Team Annie graduated to softball this summer. She played on a third-fourth grade team in Little Canada. Friends Emma and Erica were on the team with her, and Phil helped out with the coaching. It was a coach-pitched league and it was different for the girls hitting a pitched ball, but she did pretty well. Her favorite positions were catcher and center field.
The Desert Dome The Great Ape The Lions In June we took a long drive ... a really LONG drive ... heading for Colorado to visit the Hennings. On the way we stopped in Omaha, Nebraska and spent an evening visiting their zoo. The kids really enjoyed it, but we didnít plan nearly enough time to see everything. Some of the kids' favorite spots included the Desert Dome, the primate exhibit, the great cats and the aquarium. At the end of our visit they also had a lot of fun crawling around on the zoo's beautiful lion statue.
Monarch Pass The Henning Men At the top We then continued on to Denver where we met Justin. He is working and going to school in a northern suburb of Denver. We drove up and over Monarch Pass with a brief (hair-raising) stop at the top of the continental divide. And then it was on to Crested Butte where we spent several days with Kieth, Justin and Travis. Cindy's sister Cate and father Norman flew out to meet us there. It had been years since any of us had been there so we had fun just relaxing, visiting and sight seeing. The Hennings took us to their cabin way up in the mountains. It was a bumpy and exciting ride up there on the trails. The kids thought the best part was having a snowball fight IN THE SUMMER!!! Cindy enjoyed photographing all the beautiful vistas and wildflowers that were beginning to bloom. Wish we could share more of these photos with you. And Phil wished it was still ski season.
South Dakota
Mount Rushmore Crazy Horse On the way home from Colorado we decided to drive north and check out Wyoming and the Black Hills of South Dakota. It ended up being one of our favorite parts of the trip. We all wished we'd had more time to spend seeing the sights and enjoying the beautiful weather. The kids really liked the Crazy Horse monument with it's Native American exhibits and performers. They also thought it was pretty neat that they got to take home a rock that was blown out of the Crazy Horse monument. We all were in awe of Mount Rushmore. The kids loved taking the hike up to the base of the monument and hearing the guide describe how the presidents were carved. We made one more stop at Wall Drug where the kids had a lot of fun except when the roaring dinosaur scared Joey and Shelby.
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