Klomp Family, August 2001

Shelby Turns Three
Shelby's Cake Candle Frosting The months of July and August are important ones at our home. It's birthday time beginning with Shelby who turned three in July. Cindy made a cake with chocolate frosting which Shelby enjoyed very much. She liked the frosting so much she even had to lick the candles. Now that she's three she can't wait to do big girl stuff like starting nursery school.
Joey Turns One
Joey's Cake Chocolate Frosting The next birthday up was Joey who turned one later in July. Cindy made brownies as a change of pace. This boy loved eating the birthday treats no matter what they were. He got most of them in his mouth, but some made it onto his face, in his hair and even in his ear. He's growing up so fast. He's not quite ready to walk yet but it won't be long.
Annie Turns Five
Annie's Cake Blue Frosting Red Frosting Annie's birthday came next. She turned five and we got a cake with red and blue frosting balloons. Annie wanted a red one since it is her favorite color, and we decided to let Joey try a blue one. He really liked it. While Cindy was out of the room getting her camera he decided that he had missed a spot on his forehead.
Phil Turns Old
Phil's Cake Homemade Flowers Phil had his birthday a couple of weeks later. The girls wanted him to have flowers like he gets for Cindy for her birthday each year. Mom got creative and talked them into making homemade ones this time. The stems were made from straws and the flowers were construction paper. They were very proud of their creations.
Party for the Girls
Warmup Party Circle The girls had a birthday party at the gymnastics academy with their friends. They warmed up, then did the various stations including trampolines, balance beams, rope swings and their favorite the giant parachute. Then we all sat down for treats and opening gifts. Thanks so much to all the guests.
Party for the Boys
Boy Party Cousins Grandpa Norman, Cate, and Sue and her family came up for the girls' party, and while they were at our house we had a party for Joey and Carson. The kids got to play with their cousins for the whole weekend. They can still fit on our couch, just barely. Between Cindy and her sister Sue we now have kids that are ages 6 (Walker), 5 (Annie), 4 (Devon), 3 (Shelby), 2 (Carson) and 1 (Joey). What a crew!
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