Klomp Family, April 2006

Sunday School
Joe's I am Special Program Storytellers Joe attended Saint John's 'I am Special' Sunday School program again this year. He enjoyed his teacher, Mrs. Romay, and had fun performing in their little programs with Mrs. Sinna. Annette and her friend Abby got to help out with Sunday School as storytellers. Once a month they prepared and performed a little Bible story for the 3 - 5 year olds. They used puppets, felt boards and music to help them tell their tales. One Sunday Shelby and Abby's little sister Emma even helped out. In the photo on the right Emma, Annette and Abby are illustrating the story of creation with felt boards while Shelby reads it in the background.
Monastery Tour
Sister Linda Monastery Tour We have a special friend at Saint John's named Sister Linda, a Benedictine nun. She and her fellow sisters invited Saint John's parishioners to tour Saint Paul's monastery where her order is based. Cindy took the girls over to check it out. We met up with our Little Flowers Girls Club friends during the tour. Sister Linda is a wonderful tour guide. The monastery is a truly amazing place with beautiful architecture, wonderful relics and some real treasures who live there. Cindy's favorite site was a set of quilts that decorated the walls, while the highlight for the girls was the view from the bell tower. We could almost see our house just to the south. Sister Linda told us that for a while she was in charge of tolling the bell. Thanks Sister Linda!
Elementary Choir
St J's Elementary Choir Annette Sings Once again Mrs. Castro, the Saint John's music teacher, went above and beyond for the kids. She came in before school a couple mornings a week to give the kids in grades 3 - 5 the opportunity to sing in the newly formed elementary choir. Annette jumped at the chance to join. They got to sing some really fun songs. Her favorites were Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah and Rockin' Robin. Mrs. Castro also offered guitar lessons to anyone who wanted to learn so Annette tried that too.
Annette Joins the Band
Annette on Bass On the Snare Drum As if that wasn't enough music for our fourth grader, Annette also joined the band in January. She decided she'd like to be a percussionist so now she is learning to play the snare & bass drums and the bells. We've seen the beginner band perform a couple of times now, and they sound very good. Way to go kids!
Catholic Schools Week
Career Day Crazy Hair & Dress January each year brings a lot of fun at the kids' school during Catholic Schools Week. The kids get to dress up each day according to a daily theme and attend special events. One day was Crazy Hair & Dress day. That day they dressed in their craziest outfits, wore their wackiest hair styles, and attended the annual volleyball game which pits the teachers against the 8th graders. Can you pick our girls out in the photo on the left? Annette is holding the "Go Teachers" sign and Shelby in down in the lower right hand corner beside the "Go 8th Grade". (Remember you can click on any photo to see an enlargement.) On career day the kids got to dress-up to show what they might like to be when they grow up. Shelby wants to be an artist. Annette thought she might like to be a vet. And Joe wore his Tony Stewart shirt, but said that he thought he wanted to be a firefighter during the day, a superhero at night and drive race cars on Sundays. He's going to be a busy guy.
Open House
Annette & Ms T Shelby & Mrs R Joe & Mrs C Catholic Schools Week concludes with an open house in the school. The whole family got to tour the school, visit the kids' classrooms, check out their artwork and school work, and visit with all the teachers. They all had really wonderful teachers this year. Thanks Ms. Tormoen, Mrs. Cook and Mrs. Rowles!!! The kids loved showing off all their projects. We also enjoyed checking out the middle school science fair and the book fair in the library.
Sunday Morning
Guitars with Choir Pancake Breakfast At mass that morning all of the school kids got to sing a song. The elementary and middle school choirs gathered in the front while the rest of the kids lined the walls of the church so the place was filled with their wonderful voices. They were accompanied by all the kids who have been learning to play the guitar, including Annette. They did a wonderful job. The Mens Club hosted a pancake breakfast after mass that morning. Phil helped sell tickets, filled syrup bottles and did any other odd jobs that needed doing.
Winter Fun
Shelby in the Tunnel Kids at Play The kids had another fun winter playing in the snow. As has become our tradition, we shoveled ALL the snow off the driveway to build snow MOUNTAINS for the kids to play on. The girls have so much fun building tunnels with their Dad. Joe just liked to climb up the hills and make snow angels. One day Dad & Joe had some fun burying Joe in the snow. And of course we couldn't be out in the snow without our beautiful white pup Mac. Can you see him there in the snow?
Playin' in the Snow
Snow Angel Joe Bury Him Mac
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